We already have here, as Mecano would say, "one more year" Week 13 in iRacing!

For all those new to this world, Week 13 in iRacing is a week of hiatus in the iRacing season calendar, where they take the opportunity to perform maintenance work and release updates. For some simracers, it's a chance to relax and enjoy more casual racing, while for others it's a time for SR upgrades to avoid falling off license, or for chaos and unbridled fun.

Why is Week 13 such a special week?

Because during this week, iRacing features special series, non-scoring races and tests of new content. This means drivers may find themselves competing on unusual tracks, in quirky cars, multi-classes or even in entirely new race modes. From dirt truck racing to dirt oval competitions, Week 13 offers a variety of experiences you wouldn't find in a normal week of iRacing.

Controlled chaos = fun adventure

Although Week 13 is often associated with chaos, iRacing makes an effort to ensure that the atmosphere is controlled and fun. Stricter penalties are enforced for incidents, and races are organized so that drivers can enjoy the competition without worrying too much about championship points. This creates a relaxed atmosphere that allows for experimentation and testing new strategies without the stress of a competitive season.

3 tips to survive, while enjoying, Week 13

  • Keep calm: with less formal racing and a larger number of drivers on the track, it is important to keep your composure and avoid getting caught up in the initial chaos.
  • Explore new series: it's the perfect time to try new series and disciplines you wouldn't normally explore - why not try rallycross racing or dirt oval racing?
  • Have fun: above all, remember that Week 13 is an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the more relaxed side of iRacing. Don't worry too much about the results and just enjoy yourself.

As an extra tip, we recommend you to update your setup, it's the perfect time to change the pedalboard, to try that new one, or to make the adjustments you consider necessary to go full throttle next season! Steering wheel new one, or to make the adjustments you consider necessary to face the next season at full throttle! Whatever you need, you'll find it in our driving simulation store

And you, do you already know which circuit you are going to enter? Put on your helmet, or your raincoat, because the rain is coming, fasten your gloves and get ready for a week of unforgettable races in iRacing!