Attention simracing fans: the starting grid is forming and you are invited to take your place in the front row. The Simufy Community on Discord is the meeting point for simracing enthusiasts who, like you, are looking for the fastest line to excitement and information.

What does Simufy Discord offer you?

  • Stay Informed: As if you had direct access to your team's intercom, you'll be in the know. From product product announcements to the checkered flag at our most exciting events, you'll be the first to receive updates and special offers.
  • Explore Simufy products: Our Discord is like your personal virtual garage, with all the tools you need to compete at the highest level. Each Simufy product has its own space, ready for you to examine and decide how to improve your setup.
  • Connect with simracers from all over the world: Here, every conversation is like another lap on your favorite track. Share your best moments on the track, ask for tips to improve those lap times and find partners for online races. It's the perfect place to team up and share your passion for simulation.
  • Opportunities and Privileges: At Simufy, we know that the value of a good simracing setup is not only measured in quality components, but also in the unique experiences we offer. That's why our community members will enjoy exclusive raffles and promotions. And with the first sweepstakes about to wave its green flag, you'll want to be ready on the starting grid!Enter now so you don't miss a thing!


How to participate in our Discord community presentation sweepstakes?

Simracing is not only what drives us, but what unites us. At Simufy, we want to celebrate the inauguration of our brand new community on Discord in a memorable way. That's why we're excited to announce our first exclusive giveaway, designed especially for our members who share this passion and are ready to take their simracing experience to the next level. Here are all the requirements for the sweepstakes and how to participate:

  • Duration of the draw: 10/11/2023 until 11/17/2023 at 12:00h. So the winner will be announced on 11/17/2023 from 12:00h.
  • Minimum members to close the draw: 150 members in the discord community
    • In the event that 150 members are not reached within the duration of the draw, it will be extended successively until 150 members are reached.
  • Participation requirements:
    • Be a member of the discord community
    • Participate in the sweepstakes in the "Sweepstakes" channel.
  • Legal bases: You can consult them here.

How can you join our Discord community?

  1. Click on the following link to join our Discord:
  2. Create or log in to your Discord account if you have not already done so.
  3. Explore the Simufy Community!

Are you ready to be part of a community that shares your passion for simracing, keeps you up to date and offers you the chance to win exclusive prizes? If so, the Simufy Discord Community is your next must-visit stop.