Monitor Mounting LITE OP

Brand: OverPower
Monitor Mounting LITE OP
Monitor Mounting LITE OP

Monitor Mounting LITE OP

Brand: OverPower
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One of the most important tasks of the simulator is to create the best possible immersion. Immersion is a metaphorical expression in the gaming world meaning "to become integrated" in virtual reality. It refers to a player's experience of going deep into the games, so that his or her focus is entirely on the game and is not aware of the world outside the game. The role of the monitor in immersion is critical, as the eyes create the sensation of speed in the simulation and are the first sensor that tells the brain what is happening on the track, for example, that a car is starting to oversteer. And, the better the immersion, the more natural, fun and easy it is to drive the simulator.


The horizontal field of view of a human being is 180 degrees, which should be covered as effectively as possible to achieve the best possible immersion. The characteristics and settings that affect the covered field of view are the size of the monitor and the distance between the monitor and the eyes. For example, if you place a 27-inch monitor 50 cm from your eyes, you will cover more of your field of view than a 50-inch TV at a distance of 100 cm.

In addition to screen size, there are a few other characteristics to consider when selecting the monitor for your simulator, namely resolution, refresh rate and curvature. The resolution determines the number of pixels on the screen, in other words, how accurate the image is. The refresh rate tells you how many times the image is refreshed on the screen, the higher the better. We recommend buying a monitor with at least 120 Hz. Curvature is a feature that affects driving ergonomics and, in our experience, even a small curve helps the ergonomics of the eye when driving. For example, professional simulation racer Olli Pahkala recommends 1000R curvature monitors for everyone.

Considering that the characteristics of modern gaming monitors are significantly better than those of gaming TVs, their price is significantly lower than that of TVs, and placing the screen close to the eyes is easy, a good gaming monitor is the best solution for simulator driving.


Optimal screen positioning significantly improves the driving experience and ergonomics. The ease of fine-tuning the position and distance of the monitor is also important, as in most cases you can find the perfect position for you by trying different options.

Have you ever thought about things like this when you ride, for example; "Oh, having the monitor a bit higher would be perfect", or "the angle of the screen could be tilted a bit more so it's better for my eyes". These little pointers indicate that your driving ergonomics could be a little better and need some adjustments. Such driving ergonomics are achieved when you are satisfied with your driving position and can concentrate on driving without distractions to your body.

overpower monitor mount lite

"The Monitor Mounting LITEOP is really easy and quick to adjust, which is an important feature in finding the perfect riding ergonomics - plus, it's tough and beautiful!" - Olli Pahkala, professional rider

One of the most important features of the development of the Overpower product family has been the adjustability of the equipment that affects driving ergonomics. The Monitor Mounting LITE OP is made with a completely new type of mounting and slotting mechanisms, which makes it extremely easy and quick to adjust the monitor. You can conveniently adjust the position of the display by loosening a few screws, and to ensure stability and easy adjustment, we have created each adjustment axis on its own axis so that adjustments can be made accurately and easily.

Overpower Monitor Mounting LITE OP


When you can integrate a Monitor Mounting into the cockpit, it frees up a lot of space in the room, which makes your simulator more compact and looks much better. The challenge in developing integrated monitor stands is to make it as sturdy and easy to adjust as possible. We took on the challenge with open arms and developed new adjustment and fitting mechanisms with robust stand components that guarantee first-class performance and fit.

The mount support structures have been developed using the ultra-wide 49" Samsung G9 gaming monitor, which is one of the largest and heaviest gaming monitors on the market. This ensures the highest quality, performance and adjustability of the mount.

The holes made in the Monitor Mounting LITE OP are supported by the side plates of any OverPower cockpit, allowing the mount to work well with heavy monitors in any configuration. In addition to this, the overall aesthetics of the mount are eye-catching and blend in perfectly.

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