Steering wheel KS MOZA

Brand: MOZA Racing
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA
Steering wheel KS MOZA

Steering wheel KS MOZA

Brand: MOZA Racing
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The Revolution in your hands!


  • Steering wheel 300 mm Formula style: With its sleek butterfly design and 300 mm size, this Steering wheel is designed for maximum immersion and realism.
  • High Compatibility: Fully compatible with all bases in the MOZA ecosystem (100% wirelessly) and with third party docks with rj12/usb cable.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced composites: Manufactured with carbon fiber reinforced composites, which provide superior texture, durability and strength. In addition, the QR structure has been strengthened using high-strength steel to ensure optimum firmness and safety during sharp turns and maximum force feedback.
  • Programmable 0.25mm short-travel RGB buttons: The Steering wheel KS features 10 short-travel RGB buttons, with 8 customizable colors for a personalized gaming experience. These buttons are designed to provide fast, responsive activations that simulate the authentic force, feel and sound of real racing Steering Wheels . With a button travel of only 0.25mm, you can enjoy ultra-fast responsiveness that is 60% faster than ordinary buttons. In addition, the industry-leading button force of 600gf promotes confidence and consistency by preventing accidental presses. To add a high-tech feel to your setup, the Steering wheel KS comes with clear button stickers that can be easily customized to match your preferences.
  • 8-color LED RPM lights: With 10 high brightness LED lights, you can customize up to 8 colors, offering an impressive 100 million possible combinations. But that's not all: with the additional ability to customize the switching mode and timing of the RPM indicator, you'll have complete control over your racing setup.
  • An open ecosystem: The Steering wheel MOZA KS is the ultimate expression of versatility, designed to work seamlessly with the entire MOZA ecosystem, and is also compatible with third-party databases through a direct connection to the PC. is also compatible with third-party Steering wheel bases through a direct connection to the PC.
  • Hall-sensing, dual-clutch magnetic cams: Made from anodized aluminum, our KS magnetic cams are sleek and durable, providing a premium look and feel that will stand the test of time. Utilizing non-contact Hall sensors with 0.03mm accuracy, the cams are super stable and provide an unbeatable level of control. In addition, pre-installed silencing pads ensure a smooth and noise-free shifting experience. With lower clutch cams that can be toggled between single-clutch or dual-clutch mode, or even programmed as a switch, professional drivers can use the dual-clutch mode in major racing titles such as iRacing and the F1 series.
  • Lightweight design: The Steering wheel KS boasts a surprisingly low weight of 1220 g, achieved through the use of lightweight materials and a carefully optimized structure. The light weight results in a lower moment of inertia, improving the responsiveness of the Steering wheel and its ability to accurately replicate road textures and details.
  • Injection-molded TPE rubber grips: TPE grips provide a smooth, precise feel while offering superior grip and high frictional forces necessary for precise steering control. To enhance the durability of Steering wheel, the grips are coated with a layer of corrosion-resistant material that protects against wear and tear.
  • MOZA Quick Release QR: The MOZA Quick Release QR system ensures a smooth transition from Steering wheel in seconds. Enjoy a stable and robust connection that works across the entire MOZA ecosystem.
  • MOZA Pit House Control Suite: The Steering wheel Pit House control page features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to test the functionality of your Steering wheel, adjust settings for dual-clutch paddle mode, and select between knob and joystick modes. You can also customize the color, brightness and timing of the shift indicator light, and adjust the button colors.
  • Ergonomic design: The KS boasts an authentic GT feel with its comfortable yet firm grip, providing drivers with optimal control on the track. Indentations on the grips offer a secure and comfortable grip on the Steering wheel with or without gloves. Carefully positioned joysticks, buttons and switches give the driver quick and intuitive access to all necessary settings in the midst of battle.
  • Three 12-position rotary encoders, two 20-position thumb encoders, 2 depressible joysticks and 70 programmable input signals: The KS has 70 fully programmable input signals. 70 fully programmable input signals to suit all driving needs. On-the-fly car adjustments are faster than ever with thumb and rotary encoders. Make quick changes to braking balance (Brake Bias), traction control (TCS), engine mapping, ABS and more. The two joysticks allow full menu navigation (or blackbox), which means you can keep your hands on the Steering wheel and your eyes on the road.


  • Diameter Steering wheel: 300 mm
  • Compatibility: All MOZA ecosystem bases and third-party bases
  • Cam material: Aluminum alloy
  • Magnetic gear shift cams: 2
  • Clutch cams: 2
  • Short travel illuminated buttons:10
  • Joysticks (push buttons): 2
  • Thumb encoders: 2
  • Rotary encoders: 3
  • High brightness LEDs: 10
  • LED colors:8
  • Intelligent telemetry: Supported
  • Full adjustment of RPM LEDs via MOZA Pit House: Supported
  • Release method: MOZA QR
  • Method of communication: Wireless or via RJ12/USB cable
  • Cam sensor: Non-contact Hall sensor
  • Camshaft modes: dual clutch + Combined shaft/independent shaft/button
  • Knob modes: Button or dial
  • Expansion port for third party dock: Supported

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